Sunday, February 25, 2018


 I wanted to show you something cool or at least unique. First i wanted to get a kombucha mushroom because my stomach was wrecked after a bad reactions to a few bad medications. I wanted to see if it would help. On a side note i had this jar full of wine with cling wrap and a hole so flies could get trapped in the room with my house plants. after months it was full of flies and looking pretty yukky.  I washed the jar and cleaned it out the best i could. 
Then i added beer to it so it would do the same thing  (catch flies).  Well i looked at it a few weeks later and this scobi, kombucha looking thing grew all by its self!  First i was shocked! 
Is this even possible? I have no idea? So i decided to remove the liquid and flies and i replaced it with tea and sugar and yes it grew another baby just like a kombucha.  Now i have no intentions on drinking this liquid. 
And Thankfully my stomach is kinda better, But i think i actually grew a kombucha by myself. I just think its crazy.  I created life! Lol  
I think only the craziest things like this happen to me. What are the chances. Im going to continue feeding it tea and sugar and just see what happens. So far its growing properly and produces a liquid that ferments. 
I wish i could have it tested to see what i really created. 
If ur a scientist and want to test it let me know. Its yours. Lol  

Ps im almost finished reading my lost gold bars book. 2 more chapters left. The story picked up a bit. I must say reading makes me so tired, a chapter or 2 and im ready for bed, lol. but its good i am working at it. 
The one thing i will say my next book will probably be nautical related, being on a boat seems fun.  

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