Thursday, November 6, 2008

bed of nails


I have made many bed of nails.
i would love to work more in this medium however im limited with my space. The first bed of nails i made in 1992.
The last 5 abstract beds i designed(above) were made few years ago.
they are at the top.
I do take commissions.
All 5 at the top are for sale. They would look good together in a condo or office building.
they also make great tables! if you want more info please feel free to call me:
blair 416 453 0206 :)


Anonymous said...

I really dig your bed of nails art!
Very, very cool!
Have you set a price on these works?

Mohamad said...

I love the Bed of Nails Series

my favorite would have to be 'e'... but each seem to have their very unique personal message... keep up the great work