Thursday, December 11, 2008


This series is called cottage life!

They are wood burnings designed to feel homey and warm, much like i imagine cottage life would be. This series is opposite of the factory life series. They always have a nice fire place and trees outside. Some have picnic tables and fire pits, others have bare skinned rugs near the fire place. I love them allot and hope you do to. THEY ARE DISPLAYED OLDEST TO NEWEST FROM BOTTOM TO TOP.

The newer ones do not have the BOLD statement like Marks in the cottage.

There is also a series of lino cuts that belong to this series. There is more to come.

LOOK OUT for a related series I'm working on called TREE LIFE! and THE TORNADO!

I will post them soon!

They are all for sale. NOPE THEY ARE SOLD*

please call me 416 453 0206

or email me

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