Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hi everyone, I have 2 art shows to tell you about.

It has been a busy month after the Toronto outdoor art exhibition. I have 2 shows to mention. Both are exciting!
I am apart of a group show called A is for ART in a historic town called Fergus Ontario.Our art will be displayed in a large 120 year old building near the center of town. I have over 8 large works displayed. Most pieces are from 2009,2010.
This week in Fergus is the 65 annual highland games, so its a great time to head down and see the town the people and our ART.
This show will be up AUG 9 to Aug 15 2010,The flyer is attached to this post.

NEXT I have a solo show at the Victory cafe in Toronto. I have had 2 shows in the past at the VIC. The Victory is located on Markham st near Bloor and Bathurst st in Toronto. This show is all new for the Victory crowd. I have on display 10 pieces also from 2009,2010.
both shows at the VIC and in Fergus will have my wind turbine pieces as well as the newer Parks Canada series. My art will be up at the Victory cafe august and September 2010.
Drop by and have a great micro brew!

After the Fergus show ends i will post all the images from the parks Canada series for you all to see.
This is an example. This piece is called THE PICNIC AREA.
Have a great week everybody :) Blair

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