Saturday, August 21, 2010

Parks canada series

The following 12 pieces are part of the PARKS CANADA series.
This series was inspired by all the road side PICNIC areas at the side of our Canadian highways and roadsides. I was lucky that when a was a kid my family took us camping a few times every year. Sometimes on our way we would stop off at one of the many roadside picnic areas. I mostly remember cool barbecues and picnic tables and 1950s designed restrooms. I think we drove by them more than we used them at the time. I feel its a great economical idea compared to the new Tim Horton's
MC Donald's super gas station stops that people often stop at today. I hope they don't go away and i hope people continue to use and enjoy them. I designed these pieces to be simple and inexpencive. Buildings and furniture take me much longer to make.These are simple and cute!
From top to bottom names sises and price.

-Picnic by the lake 9"by12" $110 sold*
-Replanting the neglected park 9"by12" $110*sold
-A quiet tuesday hike 9"by12" sold *
-The new park 9"by12" $110
-Was that a park at the side of the road? 9"by12" $110 *sold
-The random picnic 9"by12" sold *
-public parks 9"by12" $110
-The macintosh tree 9"by12" sold *
-The bird sanctuary 9"by12" sold *

-Free picnic and camping. Please keep clean! 12"by24" $300
-The rocky picnic area 12"by24" $300
-The picnic area 12"by24" $300 sold *

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Anonymous said...

I Really like this series. You're such a talented artist.