Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tonight! Sacred Gallery NYC 424 Broadway 2nd Floor, Soho 8pm

Modern pyrography by Blair McLean
Artist statement

These eco-inspired works, including my Green roof series, wereinspired by the concept of creating new, natural spaces to compensate for the land we have used, such as green roof parks that help create a sense of community in an otherwise wastedspace.

Some of my landscape work you see here was inspired by my love of nature, architecture, and modern design. Titles are very important in my work and often reflect my opinions on the world - most of the abstract art inside the homes is titled and can be found on the back of each piece. The title of this show is a critique of architectural designs that utilize horizontal area while ignoring vertical space.

The wind turbine series was inspired by my concept of living in a futuristic, wind-turbine home. The home would always have a changing view and it could power itself while leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

As a side project, I have been working on an abstract pyrography series. Here you will a see few select pieces that speak to various environmental themes as well as my daily struggles in a busy, modern world.

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