Friday, May 19, 2017

With some encouragement I decided to take a day class on beekeeping with a friend, to try to get out of the house and maybe develop a new hobby and heal. #beesarelife @beesarelife
Although most of my work tends to be abstract and architectural,  the class inspired A few pieces, bee hives. It's pretty much architecture but for bees, lol. 

I am not sure what direction things will go in the future, but I love the visuals of these cute little bees flying around collecting nectar and pollen  to make one of my favourite things honey. 
I'm hoping at a later date things will sort themselves out and maybe I will be well enough to be as productive with my art as I was in the past. Art for me is often therapeutic, however at this time I'm finding it exhausting, but I am proud  of what I have created,  here is a few images and close-ups. 
The bees  are super cute!!! And are actually pretty friendly. šŸ 
Sorry I will not be taking commissions at this time. 
But who knows what the future holds. hopefully something sweet! 
If this is the first time you are seeing my pyrography/wood-burning, please scroll down so you can see my previous work. 
I hope you find it inspiring ❤️ 

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