Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Frustrated but think positive.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to defend your self when you know your testimonial is true. Im having to appeal a decision regarding the hernia i got at work when i was working bosun chair. 
I guess out of principle im willing
to battle it out rather than have my employer deny the truth. I honestly wish i could spend my resources on my mental health but im not going to be told my hernia wasn't created at work when it was. Esp when all 3 doctors or technicians mention it in there notes.  You just cant let crooked employers get away with treating employes like shit wile they damage there lives and get away with it. 
I wish i know more back when i was working, but thankfully there are lawyers and other organizations willing to help employees who have been mistreated. 
When i get the energy i will explain further with pics. And this will help my mental health I'm sure. 

Please forgive me. 
Pretty things will come eventually on this blog i hope.  
Ps i got a random text from a friend in NYC, i had a art show there maybe 4 years back and it was nice to think they are still thinking of me and my art :) 
When the time comes i will hopefully bust out a art new series of some kind. At this time im mostly just focusing on my health. And thankfully its spring! Man thats great! I saw flowers in the ground today!! 
I took this pic last year. I was amazed when i saw it. 

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