Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Self portrait

i have been on 3 medications in 2 months for my crazy brain. I seem to have bad reactions to all of them so far. 

its like ii have been on a mental roller coaster ride. 

Today I am joining the impact study, they will study my genetics and how it relates to reactions to medications. Cool!  

I did buy a Bicycle to burn off my energy and avoid the TTC. I rode 500 km so far. I slept way way too much this summer. I think my brain is being eraced, but considering all the crazy things I have seen, its probably not a bad thing lol. 

I have been thinking about art. i guess thinking about what i have made in the past, what i enjoy making and , why does anyone make art in the first place. i guess its a great way to Express yourself and create something beautiful at the same time. it's too bad it takes a lot of energy to make. 

This is my first self-portrait. Lol

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