Monday, January 20, 2014

Art opening Sacred Gallery NYC

BUILD TALL AND SAVE OUR LAND! – The art of Blair McLean

Opening Thursday, February 6th, 2014
Sacred Gallery NYC
424 Broadway 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013

Toronto based artist, Blair McLean invites you to join him for his latest exhibition titled, “Build Tall and Save Our Land!”
Blair incorporates a technique called pyrography; an art form using a blowtorch and found metal objects that are applied to wood and burnt; leaving behind a series of scorched patterns. Mclean’s artwork will take you on an architecturally futuristic journey with the use of modern homes, wind turbines and tall trees giving the viewer an eco-conscious view how we could live our lives. By building tall and saving our land!

We hope that you’ll join usThursday, February 6th for an exhibition unlike any other that we at Sacred Gallery have shown before.

Exhibition Dates: 
 02.06.14 - 02.28.14


Modern pyrography by Blair McLean

From the artist:
This eco inspired work including my Green roof series was inspired by the concept of creating new parkland to compensate for the land we have used.
Essentially green roof parks that help to create a sense of community in an otherwise wasted space. Some of my landscape work you see here was inspired by my love of architecture modern design and our Natural landscape. Tit
les are very important in my work and often reflect my opinions on the world, Such as saving our landscape and using our resources a little more wisely. Most of the Abstract art inside the homes are titled and can be found on the back of the Art.

The wind turbine series was inspired my concept of living in a futuristic concept Wind turbine home. The home would always have a changing view and it would power itself.

I am a self taught artist living in Toronto for the past 18 years.
Although I am known as a body modification and branding artist,
8 years ago I developed a new technique of wood burning that is different than what most people have seen from earlier forms of pyrography. Since that time i have chosen to focus Primarily on this new art form. Unlike most pyrography I don't use a wood burning kit. I use a technique of wood burning where I mask the wood with glass sheets, or metal rulers and various random metal shapes and found objects.
Then use 1 of my various blowtorches to burn a darkened impression on the wood. I will then move the tools around again the repeat the process until the object is complete. Example. an antique key whole when turned upside down then burned in the center can make a great vase for the home. I have coined this technique Modern pyrography.
When you see my art it is easy to see that the technique leaves bold clean lines that are very striking and look nothing like traditional pyrography.
My art is often inspired by modern architecture , design and our changing landscape.

You can see the process of how I do my work in time-laps videos on my blog and Youtube channel.

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